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Understanding and obtaining Work Permits are possibly one of the most vexing issue that foreigners face when looking to work in Vietnam.

Foreign individuals are required to obtain and hold a work permit in order to receive salary for their employment in Vietnam. Without a Work Permit, foreigners are not permitted to work in Vietnam.

Work Permit laws and procedures are constantly changing, and staying on top of what the current process is can be difficult. More challenging for some individuals is that it is the employers responsibility to obtain the Work Permit, and the individual cannot obtain this themselves if their employer chooses not to.

A Work Permit assists or allows foreigners in Vietnam to:

    - Obtain a Temporary Resident Card, usually valid for 2 years, which replaces the need for visas
    - Receive salary into a Vietnamese bank account, including foreign currency payments
    - Sponsor family members so that they can also have Temporary Resident Cards without the need for visas
    - Register a motorbike or car in their name
    - Obtain a drivers license in Vietnam for the length of the Resident Card


At present there are a number of categories of work permits, each with different requirements: Experts, Specialists and Executives. Each of these has a specific requirement, but all generally require a university degree and/or appropriate work experience.

If you require a Work Permit, contact us to obtain the current list of required documents and the process for obtaining thw work permit. We assist employers and employees to make the process as painless as possible. Please note that for some nationalities, the documentation requirements may by onerous, and at least one return visit to your home country may be required in your are already in Vietnam.


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