Practical solutions for the Human Resources function, and how this is managed through an international, evolving culture is becoming a core driver for growth and sustainability in businesses across Vietnam, from start-ups to factories and multinationals.


The rise of automated systems and the internet have revolutionised businesses, with the HR function feeling the full impact. Today, the skill and knowledge of workers, especially in tech-centric fields, has become a competitive advantage for workers in Vietnam. In other words, the modern work place puts more emphasis on brains than brawn, permanently changing the landscape of human resource management in Vietnam. The future of human resource management puts the emphasis on humans themselves and less so on humans as simply a resource.The best way to emphasize the importance of a unified, thriving workforce around these changes is to build a culture that ties everyone together.

How Domicile can help you?

Domicile understands the Payroll process in Vietnam, and deals with the issues arising in international companies operating in Vietnam. We assist our clients with providing an effective payroll process, helping managers to control payroll systems in a simple and transparent way, and allowing employees and employers to access their online system anytime and anywhere whilst substantially removing the need for paper documentation. Domicile provides a compliant and transparent payroll support service, allowing employers to focus on the development of their staff without the time-consuming compliance aspects distracting from this important focus.


Benefits for the Employer:

Expertise: Domicile is looking beyond the numbers; therefore, we have created an efficient and modern Payroll and HR System that changes the traditional closed-end standardized approach. We shift the focus to incorporate the Human Capital, as an integral foundation of the enterprise work environment, using automation and analytical skills.

Compliance Support: Domicile goes the extra mile to be in the loop at all times with wage and employment laws, family and personal leave, trade union laws, social insurances and benefits regulations which create a powerful tool for the organisation where this information is used in a timely manner to ensure a compliant HR system.

Risk Management: Domicile stays current on laws and regulations, ensuring the company’s compliance, and reliably submits required documents in a timely manner, reducing the risk of penalties due to lateness or inaccuracy.

Increased efficiency: By engaging Domicile to assume these functions, your company will maximize its return on investment for each employee by freeing up time to focus on profit-making activities that will advance the company’s success.

Flexibility: One of the key reasons why human resource services are outsourced is to ensure that the HR department functions smoothly. Flexibility definitely comes as a key benefit of human resource outsourcing that cannot be overlooked.

Automation: Through our HR automation software, organizations can design, streamline, integrate, and deploy necessary services swiftly at a considerably lower cost. If implemented right, HR automation can reap indispensable benefits.

Cost-effectiveness: The effective cost of outsourcing payroll is usually financially beneficial compared to the cost of maintaining an in-house payroll staff. Domicile can look after (electronic) dissemination of employee pay slips, advising on tax and deduction questions and also offer a payroll analysis for accounting purposes. This frees up time in calculating the payroll and dealing with different and sometimes difficult employee situations.

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