Our Core ValuesThe Core Values Behind Domicile


Our Core Values

The Core Values that form the foundation for everything that we do at Domicile Corporate Services are:


Our Professionalism is exemplified both internally and externally in everything we do. We proudly uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while remaining fair and ethical in even the most difficult situations. We seek to constantly maintain a professional attitude despite facing difficult time pressures or decisions in conducting our work. The time and effort put into every project is true to our mission of delivering superior results in a professional manner. The words we use and the advice we give at all times provide evidence of our dedication to our professionalism.


Trust begins with our employees and depends on the reliance, partnerships, and successes we share with our clients. Trust between Domicile and our clients manifests itself through common goals, respect, and fulfillment of our commitments. Due to the trust we build, both our employees and clients should be confident knowing we are looking after their best interests and seeking to meet their specific needs. To maintain this trust, we strive to uphold all our values and follow through on all the commitments we make.


Quality is an underlying trait of Domicile that links all aspects of our staff and clients. The quality of our people and pride in undertaking our work leads to distinctive and impressive outputs for our customers. Quality is achieved through passion, leadership, education, empowerment, responsibility and accountability. Everything we produce, internally and externally, has quality as an overarching factor in the production and delivery from all staff at every level.

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Ho Chi Minh City Office:
Level 9, Abacus Tower
58 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 1
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hanoi Office:
Level 13, Hanoi Towers
49 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem District
Hanoi, Vietnam




+84 (0)28 6291 5779